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Create a Life of Prosperity
& Abundance

Most of us sabotage our own prosperity. We limit our financial growth & set ourselves up for frequent upset.

When we are concerned about money, we think that the problem is a lack of income, but this is rarely the case. Most people would love to have our level of income. The problem is how we handle the income that we have. We overspend.

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We use every resource available to raise our standard of living, and when credit is available, we use that too. The result is a lifestyle where our expenses equal or exceed our income.

When this happens, you can expect to be upset. No matter what your income is, it will soon be gone. You will never have enough, and you will constantly experience fear, upset, and lack. This creates a consciousness of lack, which then produces more lack.

Spend less than you earn

If you want to create a life of prosperity, create a consciousness of abundance. One way to do this is to set up your affairs so that your expenses are at least 10% less than your income.

Notice how different your life would be if you took 10% of everything you earned from the time you were eighteen until now, and invested it wisely. You would be very wealthy. You would be free of financial upset and your prosperity consciousness would be one of abundance.

Unfortunately, this isn't the way we handle our affairs. Instead of investing, we overspend. We overspend so that we can get more of what we want. We are driven by our wants, but no matter what we have, we still want more. Our wants are insatiable.

You can never get enough of what you want because the void you are trying to fill isn't outside of you, it's inside. Until you heal this inner void, you will continue to overspend.

Instead of building an estate and creating a life of abundance, you create a life of fear, upset, and lack. To heal this inner void, you need to find and heal the hurt that drives your insatiable wants. This is the first step in creating a prosperity consciousness.

Heal the hurt that fuels your overspending

The hurt that drives your overspending will always be the hurt of feeling some form of "not okay." We overspend in a subconscious attempt to avoid this hurt.

For example, to avoid the hurt of failure, someone would overspend to feel like a success. Unfortunately, the feeling of success is only temporary. When you have trouble paying the bills, failure comes back even stronger than before.

To find your hurt, notice the feelings and emotion that would be triggered if you had the opposite of prosperity. What would you have to feel if you lost everything - if all your financial fears came true?

What would it say about you if you lost your job, your home, and all your possessions? Would you have to face being a failure, worthless, or not good enough? Find the word or words that hurt the most. This is the hurt that produces your insatiable wants, causes your overspending, and sabotages your prosperity.

To learn more about how to find and heal this hurt, be sure and read the articles: Feel Your Hurt Willingly, and Find & Heal Core Issues.

Appreciate what you have

The next step in creating a prosperity consciousness is to be willing to lose everything. Once you are truly willing to lose everything, something very special happens. You become very thankful for everything you have, and you have a lot.

When you have a deep appreciation for everything you have, you experience a profound state of abundance. This in turn produces more abundance.

When you focus on what you have, what you have grows. When you focus on what you don't have, what you don't have grows. True prosperity is appreciating what you have.

As you let go of the overspending and spend less than you earn, you start accumulating assets. As you become willing to lose everything, you appreciate what you have.

This combination of accumulation and appreciation creates a profound feeling of abundance. This sense of abundance then creates a prosperity consciousness that creates more prosperity.

To learn more about prosperity, get the Mastery of Life Audio Course and read the book, Miracles Are Guaranteed.

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