Lesson 31
Find your life purpose

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Find your life purpose

Every one of us is created with a unique set of gifts, talents and abilities. Life purpose is the full expression of these gifts. When you are living your life purpose you are expressing the very essence of who you are. You are good at what you do and you love doing it.

When you are living your life purpose, you feel fulfilled. You know that you make a difference. You are empowered by your work and couldn't imagine doing anything else. Until you find your purpose, there will always seem to be something missing.

Unfortunately, finding your life purpose is much easier said than done. You can't go to the Internet and look it up. Life purpose is something you create. It's something you bring forth out of your commitment and determination.

The first step in the search for life purpose is to find your passion. What do you love to do? What are you naturally good at? What turns you on? What could you throw your heart and soul into?

It can take months of active looking to find your passion, so be patient. Keep asking yourself the question, "What do I love to do? What is my passion?" Keep asking and keep looking.

While you are looking, find the contribution that you want to make. This adds fuel to your passion and gives it power. Do you want to teach people how to love? Do you want to show people how to have fun? How can your passion make a difference in people's lives?

When your passion makes a contribution that is important to you, it gains a power that can move mountains. The combination of passion and serving is an essential element of life purpose.

To help discover your life purpose, answer these questions.

The next step is to find a way to live your passion and still pay the bills. This may seem impossible, but it's not. There is a way to do what you love. Your job is to find it. Keep asking yourself, "How can I earn a living doing what I love?" Explore every possibility and turn over every stone.

The process of finding and living your life purpose may take years, but if you have the commitment and the determination, you will eventually find the way. The key is to keep looking. Keep taking the next step and never quit.

Once you have found your life purpose, your life will never be the same. By doing what you love and finding how to serve, you add a very special joy to life.

To learn more about how to find your life purpose, listen to CD #9 in the Mastery of Life Audio Course.

Action to Take

  1. Answer these questions
    Make sure you answer the questions on life purpose. Watch the video. Then write down every thought you have in response to a question. Keep writing until there is no more response. Use the questions to bring forth insights and desires that are deep within.
  2. Take the steps to life purpose
    The first step in finding your life purpose is to discover your passion. What do you love to do? What can you throw your heart and soul into? What is the contribution you want to make? After you find your passion, the next step is to find a way to live your passion and still pay the bills. This step is a little harder, but the answers will always come when you are committed to finding them.
  3. Keep looking and looking
    Life purpose is available to everyone, but few ever seek it. It only comes to people who are committed and determined to find it. The key to finding your life purpose is to keep looking and keep taking the next step. Turn over every stone and never quit. Eventually, you will discover what it is.

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