What it means to own your worthlessness

I recently received an email from someone who is in the process of healing the hurt that runs her life. She couldn’t reconcile owning her worthlessness and at the same time being positive. I thought my response would be helpful to others dealing with the same question.

Here is her letter:

“At the moment I’m a bit confused about admitting and owning that I am worthless, etc., but at the same time, needing to put positive thoughts into my subconscious mind that I am worthy, etc., in order to be able to reach my goals.”

Here is my response:

Worthy and worthless are just judgments. They do not exist in the physical universe. They only exist in our minds. Although they do not exist in reality, they are very real in our reality. One moment you feel one way and in the next moment you feel the other way.

When you fight worthless, you give it power. It forces destructive behavior and sabotages your life. If you can let it be there. It has no power. You see clearly and are very effective.

We run from worthless because we think it is a horrible thing, but it’s not a thing. It is nothing more than thoughts and suppressed emotion. To have worthless lose its power, you have to see it for what it really is. You do this by facing it.

When you face your worthlessness and let it in, you discover on an experiential, heart level, that worthless is an illusion is nothing more that thoughts and feelings. From that moment on, worthless will never have the same power. When worthless pops up again, let it in again. Each time you let it in, it loses more power.

You don’t go through life saying, “I’m worthless. I’m worthless.” You go through life saying, “I’m human, I’m human.” There is a power in being human. When you own you humanness, the ego dissolves and you become more able to create your life.

Positive thinking is very important and you want to speak positive as much as you can, but the hurt is much more powerful. As you get rid of the hurt and own your humanness, positive thinking becomes easier and much more effective.

I hope this is helpful

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