Bring Return To The
Heart to your city

Sponsor this workshop and change the lives
of your family and friends


Here is how it works:

You enroll the participants and charge whatever you feel is appropriate. In Houston, we charge $350 per person, $595 for couples and $95 to repeat. Your cost to sponsor the weekend is $3500 plus the expense of airfare, food, lodging, rental car and parking, etc. If you charge $350 per person, you would break even at approximately 12-15 people. After all expenses have been reimbursed, additional proceeds will be split on a 50/50 basis.

Before we purchase the plane tickets, we need to receive $1750 plus the cost of airfare. This can be paid from tuition receipts. The balance is due at the workshop. We can process credit card transactions and help you with the enrollment process.

Hopefully, you will be able to do this on an ongoing basis and make a major difference in the lives of your family and friends. As more people complete Return To The Heart, your base of support expands. You then have more people enrolling and more people doing the workshop.

Give us a call at 713-520-5370 if you are interested. Our commitment is to get this work out into the world. We would love the opportunity to work with you.

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