Tips for Living

Mastery of Life

Tips for Living 1

Tip-01 - It's impossible to argue with someone who listens

Tip-02 - Any area of life not working - fighting the truth

Tip-03 - If you want love, open your heart and give it

Tip-04 - Happiness can be found in the darkest of times

Tip-05 - Getting happiness from outside is an illusion

Tip-06 - Love is never enough

Tip-07 - Seeing your role in a problem is the key

Tip-08 - People are unrealistic. Love them anyway

Tip-09 - The key to resolving disputes; no sides

Tip-10 - Can't change people. Change how you relate

Tip-11 - Anger is avoided hurt

Tip-12 - Freedom of choice, not consequences

Tip-13 - Change how you relate. Change what happens

Tip-14 - Guilt is something we add

Tip-15 - Fighting a quality magnifies it

Tips for Living 2

Tip-16 - Born with love. Fear is learned

Tip-17 - When your life is about serving

Tip-18 - Key to great relationships

Tip-19 - Whatever you need will elude you

Tip-20 - All the darkness; one candle

Tip-21 - Can be right or have love

Tip-22 - Difficult times are temporary

Tip-23 - Key to a life of prosperity

Tip-24 - In the same boat now

Tip-25 - Relationships are 100/100

Tip-26 - Imagination creates possibility

Tip-27 - No difficult times; can't grow

Tip-28 - Face problems; get power

Tip-29 - Cycle of conflict; takes two

Tip-30 - World needs to love

Tips for Living 3

Tip-31 - You magnify whatever you resist

Tip-32 - When you come from love, love comes to you

Tip-33 - The willingness to be vulnerable - protection

Tip-34 - The biggest killer of relationships

Tip-35 - Fear is created by resisting

Tip-36 - Find out to serve - Schweitzer

Tip-37 - Discovering you are cause gives you power

Tip-38 - Allow yourself to be human

Tip-39 - The circumstances of life have no power

Tip-40 - Can't solve problem from consciousness creating it

Tip-41 - Upsets are not caused by what happens

Tip-42 - Any characteristic you can't stand is in you

Tip-43 - Unwillingness increases probability

Tip-44 - Ego says circumstances - Spirit says peace

Tip-45 - Life doesn't just happen. We create our lives

Tips for Living 4

Tip-46 - When we judge; point of view

Tip-47 - Believe your story; determines future

Tip-48 - No inner peace; no outer one

Tip-49 - Some difficult to accept; surrender

Tip-50 - Light has power over darkness

Tip-51 - Happiness from inner oneness

Tip-52 - Memories make life rich

Tip-53 - Can't accept; relationship has no chance

Tip-54 - Walls of protection keep hurt in

Tip-55 - Trust that you will always be okay

Tip-56 - Always have power to transform

Tip-57 - Have to give love to get love

Tip-58 - Suffering is optional

Tip-59 - Who you are under all the hurt is love

Tip-60 - Grace is behind every disaster

Tips for Living 5

Tip-61 - We tend to push away whatever we hang on to

Tip-62 - All destructive behavior comes from suppressed hurt

Tip-63 - Every time you interact with someone

Tip-64 - The best and most beautiful things in the world

Tip-65 - When you are willing to lose everything

Tip-66 - Faith is taking a stand

Tip-67 - When you blame, you make yourself a victim

Tip-68 - Life is one of the few games - Randy

Tip-69 - We are all doing the best we can

Tip-70 - Have you ever been humbled

Tip-71 - Healing your past is the key to your future

Tip-72 - The more I allow myself to be me

Tip-73 - How you relate to life

Tip-74 - Life is a lot more fun when you have inner peace

Tips for Living 6

Tip-76 - Vulnerablity is what I look for in you