Bill Ferguson & the work he does

Bill Ferguson has been featured on Oprah and recommended by The Wall Street Journal

Bill started his career as a divorce attorney

He soon gained national attention for his ability to take the conflict out of divorce. Fifteen percent of his clients never divorced, and the ones who did were able to part as friends. His focus was on healing relationships. He showed his clients how to end the conflict and the restore love, not as husband and wife, but as one human being to another.

In 1985, he closed his law practice and devoted his life to showing people how to heal relationships and have their lives be great. He has since been featured on Oprah and recommended by The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. His approach to life has been called "The penicillin of psychology."

Bill Ferguson divorce attorney

Media across the country affectionately call him, "The Love Counselor"

His book, How To Heal A Painful Relationship, has become a national best seller. He is also the author of Miracles Are Guaranteed and Get Your Power Back. The Texas Counseling Association thinks so highly of his work that they asked him to deliver the keynote address at their annual convention. He taught his concepts to over 2,300 counselors and therapists.

Bill shows how to have love in every relationship and in every aspect of life. He states that "When you change how you relate to life, you change what happens around you. By growing in your awareness and healing inside, you can create a life more wonderful than you can imagine."

Bill Ferguson has led over 2,500 seminars and has worked with thousands of people around the world. He speaks a profound yet simple truth that can change your life.

The Love Counselor

Bill's discovery

Bill discovered that if you have a relationship or any area of life that isn't working, there will always be something under the surface that is creating the problem. This underlying condition makes us defensive and creates a state of fear and upset. It destroys our ability to see clearly and keeps us from finding solutions. Then it forces us to act in a way that magnifies the problem.

In relationships, it destroys love and creates a cycle of conflict. Every area of life that isn't working and every self-sabotaging behavior pattern can be traced directly to this underlying condition. Until this condition is found and removed, you will be forced to repeat the past and the area of suffering will continue.

Fortunately, this condition can be removed. The moment this happens, the defensiveness disappears. You restore your ability to see clearly and can see what needs to be done. Solutions appear and the problem area starts clearing up.

Relationship or Area of Life isnt Working

The focus of Bill's work

The focus of Bill's work is to provide an awareness and a healing that changes the way people live their lives. More specifically, his focus is to:

  1. Have people discover the underlying conditions that destroy love and keep their lives from working.

  2. Walk people through the process of finding and actually removing these destructive underlying conditions.

  3. Show people how to end conflict, heal hurt, and restore love in every relationship and every aspect of life.

  4. Give people the tools, the awareness, and the support they need to create great lives.

The human condition and the key to having life work

Provide an Awareness and a Healing

Do you have an area of life that isn't working?

Are you having a difficult time? Do you have a painful relationship? Do you feel stuck or depressed? Does the past keep repeating itself? Would you like to have these areas clear up? You can.

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