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The ego – What it is and how it gets us in trouble

Someone recently asked me how I would define ego. It was an interesting question. Here is what I said:

The ego is a false sense of identity fueled by a childhood hurt. It starts as a biological need to protect ourselves from physical threats. Then we experience painful losses of love. This takes the ego to a whole new level.

As little children, we can’t help but create the belief that we are unlovable, not good enough, or some other form of feeling not okay. It’s never the truth, but in the eyes of a little child, it becomes our truth. We then spend the rest of our lives running from this suppressed emotion.

How we create the suffering in our lives

There is a huge difference between the reality of life and our reality. In the reality of life, what’s so is always what’s so. What happened is what happened and your life is exactly the way that it is. Everything can change tomorrow, but at any moment, what’s so is always what’s so. That’s the reality of life.

Then there is our reality. Our reality exists in our mind. It consists of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and opinions. In the reality of life, there are no thoughts or feelings. There is only the truth. Things just are and our feelings about it are totally irrelevant.

What it means to own your worthlessness

I recently received an email from someone who is in the process of healing the hurt that runs her life. She couldn’t reconcile owning her worthlessness and at the same time being positive. I thought my response would be helpful to others dealing with the same question.

Here is her letter:

“At the moment I’m a bit confused about admitting and owning that I am worthless, etc., but at the same time, needing to put positive thoughts into my subconscious mind that I am worthy, etc., in order to be able to reach my goals.”

A new video on the key to creating a great life


Here is a video that Ryan Peake and I just completed on how to create a great life. The combination of music, video clips, and speaking make it very moving. It is a beautiful reminder of who we are and the opportunity of life. Please watch it and share it. You will be very glad you did.



The connection between emotion, thoughts, and what happens in the world around us

I recently woke up in the middle of the night with some very negative thoughts. Then I noticed the negative emotion that I was experiencing. As I relaxed into this emotion, it lost power. My inner peace came back and the negative thinking stopped. As I reflected on what happened, I noticed something interesting.

I noticed the connection between our emotion and our thoughts. The type of thoughts we have are literally determined by our emotion. If you are full of joy, you are going to have positive thoughts. If you are upset, you are going to have negative thoughts