The Mastery Course

A step-by-step process for resolving problem areas, healing relationships, and creating a great life.

"For the last 30+ years, I have been studying the nature of life, love, and how we create our lives. In the process, I have made some fascinating discoveries that have profoundly changed my life and the lives of thousands of others. These discoveries are explained in The Mastery Course. This course is one of the most important things I have ever done. I would like to share it with you."

- Bill Ferguson

What I discovered

The opportunity of life is to be free inside and to live in the experience of love. When you are in this state, you are happy and alive. You feel good about yourself and are very effective.

Ultimately, this is the natural state and the essence of who you are. As you bring this forth, you create a life that will exceed your dreams.

I also discovered that if you have a relationship or any area of life that isn't working, there is something under the surface that is creating the problem. This underlying condition makes us defensive and creates a state of fear and upset. It destroys our ability to see clearly and forces destructive behavior.

As you remove this condition, you restore the essence of who you are. Problem areas clear up and you create a great life. Accomplishing this is the purpose of The Mastery Course.

Through a series of short lessons, you will gain an awareness, a healing, and a set of skills that will change your life.


You will learn how to:

  • Be happy, alive, and free most of the time

  • Resolve the problem areas of your life

  • Have love in every relationship

  • Be effective in handling whatever life brings you

  • Create a life that works

  • Find and heal the inner issues that destroy love and sabotage your life

  • End self-sabotaging behavior patterns

  • Release fear and upsets quickly

The Mastery Course has 5 parts

  1. Discover why your life is the way it is

  2. Let go, restore inner peace, and be effective in any situation

  3. Find and heal the inner core issues that destroy love and sabotage your life

  4. End conflict and create love in any relationship

  5. Take action and live in the light

How it works - The details

This course provides an awareness, a healing, and a set of skills that will literally change your life. We do this through a series of lessons.

Each lesson consists of a short article, a 5 to 8 minute video, and suggested action to take. There are a total of 48 lessons covering every aspect of life. You can take the lessons as fast or as slow as you want. You will receive all the lessons when you register.

These lessons are yours to keep. You can work with them now and you can save them for future reference. If you have questions, need clarification, or want support, you can contact Bill Ferguson directly.

For $185 you can have more love, more happiness, and a far more productive, enjoyable life.


Additional material

Workbook - You will also receive a workbook that creates an action plan for your life. It supports you in getting clear on what you want and the action you need to take. It also has a summary of the lessons and a set of tools that you will use for many years to come.

E-course - In addition to the lessons, you will receive a supplemental 35 week e-course. This will help you stay engaged with the material over time. It will also support you in resolving problem areas and creating a great life.

Get a free 1/2 hour telephone session with Bill Ferguson when you start the course

What others say about The Mastery Course

  • "I gained an awareness and a set of tools that make my life a lot more enjoyable." John R.

  • "I feel like I am on top of life instead of life being on top of me. I am happier and far more effective." – Susan W.

  • "I was able to stop the fighting and get the love back in my relationship." – Connie S.

  • "This course changed my life. It is the most valuable thing I have ever done for myself." - Roger B.

  • "I am much more effective in handling challenges and difficult times." – Robert D.

  • "This is the best stuff I have ever heard...very simple and clear, but very true." - Dan C.

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How to register

Your investment in the program is $185. You can pay using a major credit/debit card or PayPal. If you have any questions, e-mail us or give us a call. Don't forget, you get a free 1/2 hour telephone session with Bill Ferguson when you start the course. Click the order button and you are on your way.


We look forward to working with you


Who is Bill Ferguson

Bill's work has been called the penicillin of psychology. He has been featured on Oprah and recommended by The Wall Street Journal. As a former divorce attorney, 15% of his clients never divorced and the ones who did were able to part as friends. His book, How to Heal a Painful Relationship, has become a national best seller.

The Texas Counseling Association thinks so highly of his work, they asked him to deliver the keynote address at their annual convention. He taught his approach to over 2,300 counselors and therapists.

Change your life and have fun in the process