The happiness we seek

You can create an incredible life

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The happiness we seek

Ultimately, the happiness that we seek is an inner state. I call this state the experience of love. When this is present, you are happy, alive, and free. You feel good about yourself and good about life. You also have a very positive attitude. You are positive in your thinking, your speaking, and your actions.

You then radiate this positive energy into your life and great things happen around you. Relationships heal, problem areas clear up, and life works wonderfully. Find a time when you were in the experience of love and notice how good it felt. Notice the peace you had and how effective you were.

Isn't this the happiness that we seek? Of course it is. Ultimately, this is what we want in our relationships and in our lives.

States of mind

Now notice where the experience of love is located. Is it outside of you, in the circumstances of your life, or is it inside of you? It's inside. It's an inner state. It's a way of being.

The opposite state is one of fear and upset. When you are in this state, the circumstances of life have total power over you. You close down inside. You get tunnel vision and lose your ability to see clearly.

You also become very negative. You are negative in your thinking, your speaking and your actions. You then radiate this negative energy into the world around you and guess what shows up - negative circumstances.

Think of a time when you have been upset and notice how painful and destructive it was. Now notice where the upset was located. Was it outside of you, in the circumstances of your life, or was it inside of you? It was inside. It was an inner state. Fear, upsets, and the experience of love are all inner states.

How we experience life shapes our actions

At any moment, you are having a very specific experience of life and it happens inside of you. When you are full of joy, it's inside of you. When you are full of upset, it's also inside of you. How you experience life is important because it shapes your actions and determines what happens around you.


When you are in the experience of love, you have a very positive energy and great things happen. When you are in a state of fear and upset, you radiate a very negative energy and negative things happen.

We think that our inner state is determined by what happens around us, but this is an illusion that will keep us struck forever. Our inner state is not determined by our circumstances. It is determined by how we relate to our circumstances. When you change how you relate to life, you change what happens around you.

If you want, you can create an incredible life. The key is to learn how to live in the experience of love. This is also the essence of who you are. Under all the hurt, you are pure love, pure creation, and pure possibility. As you bring this forth, you create a life that will exceed your dreams.

The essence of who you are

Imagine that you are like a light bulb. As this light shines into your life, you have love, joy, peace, happiness and miracles. Now imagine putting blocks over the light. Instead of radiating the light, you radiate a shadow. In this state of darkness, you create fear, upset and suffering.

The key to removing the darkness and creating an incredible life is simple. Remove the blocks. As you do this, the shadow disappears and the light returns. It is possible to create a life more wonderful than you can imagine, but it takes looking at life in a very different way.

Problem areas can clear up, you can have love, and you can create a great life, but this won't happen by itself. There are concepts to learn, issues to heal, and specific action to take. Fortunately, the process of transforming your life is relatively simple. You just need to know how. Use this site to walk through the steps.

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