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Chapter 1 - We create our lives

Chapter 1 - We create our lives

Life doesn't just happen. We create our lives. We create our lives out of the way we see life. We then act consistent with the way we see life, and life responds accordingly.

This is why each person's life is so different. The type of situations and circumstances that show up in one person's life are totally different from those that show up in the next person's life.

Notice that there are certain areas of your life that work effortlessly. These same areas will be disaster zones for someone else. Now notice that there are certain areas of your life where you suffer. These areas may clear up from time to time, but they keep coming back. They keep coming back because you keep creating them.

The type of situations that show up in your life are a reflection of how you relate to life. When you change how you relate to life, you change what gets reflected back.

When an area of life isn't working, we think that the problem is the result of our circumstances, but this is an illusion. The circumstances are not the problem. They are the symptom of something much deeper. The real problem is an underlying condition of resisting or hanging on.

This condition creates a state of fear, upset, and tunnel vision that destroys your ability to see clearly. It keeps you from seeing what needs to be done, and forces you to act in a way that either creates the problem or keeps you from resolving it.

Every time a relationship or any other area of life isn't working, this condition will be present. Until this underlying condition is found and removed, you will be forced to act in the same way, which will produce the same result. The problem will continue and your life will remain the same.

If you want to resolve a problem area of your life, take your focus off of the symptoms, and put your focus on finding and removing the condition that creates the problem. The moment you do this, everything changes. You restore your peace of mind and see your situation in a very different way. Solutions appear and this area of life starts clearing up.

Fortunately, the process for finding and removing this condition is very simple and very fast. This book will walk you through the steps. As you read the book, you will discover certain profound truths. As you let in these truths, they will change the way you live your life. This in turn changes what happens in the world around you.

Let's start the process by looking at the law of cause and effect.

The law of cause and effect

"Cause and effect" is the relationship between two events. For example, if your telephone rings, you will probably answer it. The telephone ring is the "cause" and your answering it is the "effect." The "cause" produces the "effect."

At any moment, you are totally, 100% at the effect of the world around you. No matter what happens around you, you will react accordingly. At the same time, the world around you is totally 100% at the effect of you. Whatever you do, or don't do, the world around you will react to you. This makes you the cause.

You are totally at the effect of everything around you. You are also the cause. You are both at the same time. You react to the world around you and the world reacts to you.

Although you are both, you only experience yourself as being one or the other. You either experience yourself as being the "cause" of your life or you experience yourself as being "at the effect." How you experience yourself at any moment determines both the quality of your life and what happens in it.

When you experience yourself as being "at the effect," you are the victim of your circumstances and have no power. Your confidence quickly drops. You close down, become negative, and lose your ability to take effective action. Every time you are upset and every time you are faced with an area of your life that isn't working, you are "at the effect." Think of a time when you have been in this state and notice how uncomfortable it was.

Now find a time when you were "at the effect" of something and for some reason, you decided that you had had enough. You reached your limit and decided to take action. You then took steps to turn your situation around. Notice how you felt when this happened. Instantly, you got your power back. You felt good about yourself and good about life. You became confident, creative, and full of energy.

Instead of the circumstances having power over you, you gained power over your circumstances. Without knowing, you shifted from being "at the effect" to being "at cause." You changed your life and you did it with nothing more than a thought.

When you live your life "at cause," you have power over your life. You are on top of your circumstances. You can chart your course and you can make your dreams come true. When you are "at the effect," you feel like your circumstances are on top of you. You are powerless and unable to move forward.

In this book, you will learn what puts you "at the effect" and how to live "at cause." You will learn why certain areas of your life don't work and how to have them clear up. You will learn the key to creating a life that will exceed your dreams.

Action to Take

  1. Notice that there are certain areas of your life that consistently don't work. These problem areas may clear up from time to time, but they keep coming back. Make a list of the specific areas of life where you suffer.

  2. Any area of your life that isn't working is an area where you are "at the effect." Instead of you having power over your circumstances, your circumstances have power over you. Look over the items on your list and see that this is true.

  3. Notice how powerless you feel when you are "at the effect." What happens to your confidence and your level of happiness? How does it feel when you are "at the effect?"

  4. Find a time when you shifted from being "at the effect" to being "at cause." How did you feel after you made the shift? What happened to your confidence, your effectiveness, and your level of happiness?

  5. Imagine what your life would be like if you lived "at cause" most of the time. What would happen to the quality of your life and your ability to have your dreams come true? Take a few moments and notice how different your life would be.

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