Special Messages

These messages were received in a form of meditation


The choice is yours

"Listen and know. These are the words you seek. When I speak, there is a stillness. Be with that stillness and know that it is I. I am he that is within you. The I that I am is the love that you are. When you speak of love, the angels hear. When you show love, you create a power and a force that reaches out to more than you know.

Be diligent in your search for love. Recognize it in your brother. It is only when you make contact with the love in your brother, that you truly experience God. For when you recognize God within your brother, you will know God within you.

When God within your brother communes with God within you, God is. It is through this expression of God that the light that you are will shine. Each time you connect with the love in your brother, you increase both the light within you, and the light within your brother, and you as a light bearer will become stronger.

It is important that you connect with the love in your brother and recognize that he is the love that’s there. He is not his story. He is not his circumstances. He is not his drama. For these illusions keep him separated and keep you separated from the truth. I ask you to see beyond this and recognize that within him is the light and the love untapped.

One way you may recognize the love that’s in him is to know that if he is not giving you love he is asking for your love. His asking may be deceiving. You may consider it an attack. You may consider it thoughtlessness. Know that he is asking in the only way he knows how in the moment.

Love is the binding force that will bring my people home. For when you feel the love, you experience your oneness. You truly know who you are. You know that there is no one greater. You know that there is no one lesser. You know that you and your brother are the I that I am. You know that this is the freedom, the peace, the joy and the happiness that you seek.

I ask you to be conscious of this, more and more and more – until it becomes your very breath – until you know nothing but love for your brother. Leave behind all separation, all judgments, all anger, all of the illusions that keep you separate.

For when you recognize this oneness, you will know the peace that surpasses understanding. You will know total freedom. You will be free from lack and from suffering. You will be freed from struggle. You will experience being once again in the garden.

As you chose to be one, you will lead the way for those around you to also make the choice. The choice is yours."

If the flower wishes it were a tree

"Each of you have been given talent and ability through which the I that I am expresses. Many times you desire that which you have not. It is in the ability to acknowledge that which you have that more will be given you. For when you focus on that which you have not, you limit that which you have.

Be the expression of the life that is within you. Bring forth that individuality, that uniqueness, that precious life that you are. Surrender to that which you are and more will be given you. For your beauty lies in your individuality, not in your being like another. Ask not for that which your brother has. Express that which you have.

When you give expression to the life that you are, you please the God that I am. The very heavens smile. For it is God’s pleasure to experience the life expression that you are. As you experience the oneness of that life, God is. He speaks. He writes. He sings. God is through you.

I emphasize and encourage you to recognize the gift that you are – through your individuality and your uniqueness. The recognition and surrender to what is, is essential to move forward. For many of you seek to be that which you are not, and in so doing, you deny that which you are.

So if the flower wishes to be a tree, and does not recognize the beauty of its existence, the experience and the pleasure, which could be for the flower – will never happen. If you could experience the beauty of that which you are, just the way you are, you will experience tremendous movement forward. But in the denial, you hold yourself back."

I will guide you

"Trust me. I will guide you. You don't know and I do. I love you more than you know. I am the source of all you desire. You can only succeed by surrendering to my will. You think you know the way, but you don't. Learn to listen to me. Only I am the source of joy and fulfillment. You will never truly get what you want on your own. I am what your heart yearns for. Serve me."

I wait upon you

"I wait upon you. For I know within your heart is the desire to know me. And I am always here. When your desire to know me becomes stronger than your desire to produce a better way from the self, then you will know me. But as long as you decide the better way, I will wait."

Allow yourself to be guided

Here is a powerful message that my brother received. He shares it in his new book, The Opening.

Dear One,

I am here. I know you and love you completely, beyond your ability to comprehend. I always have and always will. Always. Under all circumstances. For all time and beyond all time. No matter what.

When you are in the experience of love… When you let go… When you surrender to my will… When you trust deep in your soul that I will provide for your needs… When you listen to me from your heart – you create a condition where I can speak to you directly. In this place, you can hear me and receive my counsel.

Follow my guidance and I will take you to places you could never otherwise discover. The plans that you make always come from a limited awareness. The plans that I reveal to you are unlimited.

Follow my guidance and you become unstuck in your life. Negative patterns give way to new adventures. I close old doors that need to be closed and open new doors that need to be opened.

Follow my guidance and I will take you to the desires of your soul - not the desires of your ego, but of your soul. As you pursue the yearnings that I have placed in your heart, I will bring you the precise lessons that are needed to fulfil your divine destiny.

Follow my guidance and we will live in partnership. You will move beyond a mere belief in God, to a place where you carry me in your heart moment by moment. You will live in the knowing that I am your one and only source and that together, we are senior to any circumstance. Together, we bring fulfilment to life rather than struggling in life to be fulfilled.

Follow my guidance and your life will work, and it will work brilliantly. And know that there is always a gift in the challenge that is greater than the challenge itself, or I wouldn’t bring it to you. In this way, I bring to you only that which is good.

Here are some keys that will help you on your journey.

  1. Stay connected to me. Create special time in the stillness for us to commune regularly. Just you and me.
  2. Take action that feeds our relationship. Go to a nonjudgmental church, or walk in nature, or meditate, or read sacred texts. Do what connects us in your heart and do it often.
  3. Learn to manage your speaking and thinking. This is the essence of faith. lt will anchor you in the truth of our being. It will carry you to heights you cannot now imagine.
  4. Create a system of loving, supportive accountability. Be with people who know me and believe in you. Find people who are on your path and share specific promises to take specific action. Do this over and over, eliminating one challenge after another. Bring forth the desires of your heart, evolving as you go.

Remember, I do not promise a comfort which ultimately lacks fulfillment. I bring you fulfillment which ultimately offers comfort.

There is more

"There is more than you can see. Come with me."

The oneness is God

I just had an experience that was very profound, but very difficult to put into words. I was reminded of how we put our focus outside of ourselves, trying to make life work. We think that this is the key to happiness, but it isn’t. Life will always bring us an endless string of challenges.

So I asked, how does trusting in God change things? I don’t remember the answer, but I suddenly experienced a profound state of oneness. In that oneness, the circumstances of life became totally irrelevant. I became very centered and taped into the power of the universe. The circumstances didn’t change, they disappeared. I changed.

Maybe it’s not about trusting. Maybe it’s about connecting with the oneness. The oneness is God. Trusting and letting go is merely the path to oneness and God.

You can have the light or the darkness. More accurately, you can have God or the circumstances. What we consider “life” is actually the realm of circumstances. What we consider love and oneness is actually God. Life will bring us suffering, but we don’t have to live in “life.” We can live in the oneness with God. This ironically, is the opportunity of life.



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