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Problem areas can get resolved, relationships can heal, and you can create an incredible life. We can show you how.

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Life doesn't just happen. We interact with life in a very specific way which produces a very specific result. When you change how you interact with life, you change what happens around you. By growing in your awareness, healing a few inner issues and taking specific action, you can create a life that will exceed your dreams.

Bill Ferguson shows, step-by-step, how to heal relationships, resolve problem areas, and create a great life. Give him a call. He can talk about your situation and create a plan of action. Here are the different ways we can support you:

You can create a great life. We can show you how.

You can work directly with Bill Ferguson

The most effective way to handle a difficult situation and create a great life is to work directly with Bill Ferguson. He can give you the freedom and the support you need to handle your life. You can work with Bill on a ongoing basis to create a great life or you can work with him to resolve a specific situation. Most situations take only a few sessions to resolve.

Bill's work has been called the "penicillin of psychology." As a former divorce attorney, 15% of his clients never divorced and the ones who did were able to part as friends. He has been featured on Oprah and recommended by The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. He teaches therapists and works with people around the world.

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Attend our weekend workshop

Our main program is a weekend workshop called Return To The Heart. During the weekend, you free yourself of the inner issues that destroy love and sabotage your life. Then you get grounded in the very essence of who you are, which is pure love, pure creation, and pure possibility. The result is an awareness that makes it physically impossible to live your life the same way. You become more confident, more effective, more productive, and more able to flow with life. You have more love, more peace, and more fun.

Get The Mastery Course and our free e-course

There is a step-by-step process for having life work. Both The Mastery Course and the free e-course walk you through the steps. The Mastery Course covers a lot more material and walks you through the steps now. The e-course walks you through the steps over time. To make the biggest difference in your life, take the Mastery Course now and use the free e-course to reinforce the material.

In both of these courses, you will discover why your life is the way it is and how to have it be great. You will learn how to find and heal the inner core issues that destroy love and sabotage your life. Then you will learn how to resolve problem areas and be effective in any situation. In relationships, you will learn how to end conflict, remove distance, heal hurt, be free of guilt and resentment, communicate, resolve disputes, and restore love.

Visit our bookstore

We have books, CDs, DVDs, e-books, audio books, videos and courses to support you in your life. Bill’s book, How to Heal a Painful Relationship, has become a national best seller. He is also the author of Get Your Power Back and Miracles Are Guaranteed.

Visit our bookstore and discover what we have for you.

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Do you have an area of life that isn't working?

Are you having a difficult time? Do you have a relationship or an area of life that isn't working? Would you like to have this area clear up? You can! The best way to do this is to work directly with Bill Ferguson. You can also attend our weekend workshop, Return To The Heart, and take the Mastery Course.


Free e-course

You can create a great life, but you have to know how. Our free e-course shows you the basic steps. As you work with the lessons, you change your life.