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Ground rules for a great life – Part 2

Follow these ground rules and watch what happens.

7. Handle what doesn’t work
When an aspect of your life isn’t working, you lose your aliveness and peace of mind. Unworkability exists because we tolerate it. List all the items in your life that aren’t working and handle each one as fast as you can. Clean up your environment, your relationships, your health, and your finances. Handle every aspect of your life that isn’t working.

8. Let go of resentment
Forgiveness is not for the other person, it’s for you. When you resent, a part of you closes down inside. You become bitter and lose your ability to love. Resentments are a subconscious tool that we use to avoid hurt. Once you are willing to feel your hurt, the need to resent disappears. You can then forgive. Forgive the person for not being wiser and more aware. Forgive the person for acting consistent with his or her limited ability.

9. Don’t overspend
Upsets about money seem to be due to a lack of income, but this is seldom the case. Most people in the world would love to have your level of income. Upsets about money are almost always due to overspending. When spending exceeds your income, you can expect to get upset. To create a life of prosperity, make sure you spend less than you earn and appreciate what you have.

10. Find something special to go for
When you have something special to go for, life becomes an exciting adventure. You have direction and a reason for living. If you have nothing to go for, life feels empty and meaningless. So, find something to go for. Find it as fast as you can. Then go full speed to have your dream come true.

11. Serve – Have your life be about more than you
When you put focus on yourself, upsets and problems grow. When you focus on serving, upsets and problems dissolve. Find something more important than you and throw yourself into it. Have your life be about contributing and making a difference.

12. Experience your spirituality
Love is your life force. The source of love is God. Create a personal relationship with God and allow yourself to be guided. Be still and listen. Pray and trust your intuition. Find what allows you experience the presence of God and do it often. Give your life to God and learn to love.

See all 12 of the ground rules.

Some of these ground rules are easier to follow than others. They may require an inner healing and new awareness. Fortunately, this is available. Contact me if you have any questions or if I can support you in your quest for a great life.

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