2020 has been a crazy year

For most of us, 2020 has turned our lives upside down and inside out. There has been lots of suffering. At the same time, good has come from the craziness. To coin a phrase from Charles Dickens, “It has been the best of times and the worst of times.”

We have been “shaken awake.” The world as we know it has stopped and we have been forced to look at our lives in a new way. In the process of looking, we have discovered new opportunities and new ways of being. We have also become more aware of what really matters in our lives.

For me, I have a much deeper appreciation for the little things in life: being with friends, a smile, a flower. It’s the experience of love that makes the biggest difference in our lives.

When we are in the experience of love, the circumstances of life have no power. We are happy, alive, and free. We feel good about ourselves and good about life. We also have a very positive attitude. We radiate this positive energy and great things happen around us. Living in the experience of love is the opportunity of life.

Love is also the essence of the holiday season. It’s what Christmas and the holidays are all about. To have your holidays be great, dive into the experience of love and bring it forth. Appreciate the wonderful gifts that you have been given. Open your heart and empower the people around you. Then watch what happens.

How perfect it is that the craziest year of our lives is ending with Christmas, the season of love. Have a wonderful holiday season and a great 2021.

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