Are you living in the light or the darkness?

The two realms of life

There was a day a while back when I was grumpy and life wasn’t much fun. I was discouraged and negative. Then I went to lunch and saw an old friend. We hugged each other and I experienced a powerful burst of love. All of a sudden, life was wonderful again. I was happy, alive, and very positive. Life was a joy and opportunity was everywhere.

Nothing changed in the realm of circumstances, but everything changed in me. One moment I was in the darkness and in the next moment, I was in the light.

We don’t notice, but there are two totally opposite realms of life. There is the realm of circumstances and the realm of love. As a culture, we only notice the realm of circumstances. We are convinced that happiness and upsets come from outside of ourselves.

We then go through life trying to force people and life be a certain way. We fight, resist, hang on, and withdraw. We think that this is the key to happiness, but it’s not. It’s the opposite. It destroys love and sabotages our lives.

This is the realm of fear, upset, and suffering. When you are in this realm, all the focus is on your circumstances. They have total power over you.

The realm of love and happiness

The opposite realm is one of love. When you are in this state, your circumstances have no power over you. You are happy, alive, and free. You feel good about yourself and good about life. You see clearly and are very effective. You have a very positive attitude and great things happen around you. This is the realm of love, joy, peace, happiness, and miracles.

When you are in the realm of love, the circumstances of life are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is love. When you are in the realm of circumstances, love is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is our circumstances.

We think that our inner state is the result of what happens around us, but this is an illusion that will keep us stuck forever. Our inner state is not the result of our circumstances. It’s the result of how we relate to our circumstances.

The illusion of upsets

To see this in your life, find a time when you were upset. Notice that something happened. Then notice how totally irrelevant your feelings were. No matter how upset you were, your circumstances still happened. Now notice what would happen to the upset if, somehow, you were at peace with what happened. The upset would disappear.

The upset would disappear because the upset wasn’t caused by what happened. It was caused by fighting and resisting what happened. The moment you take away the fighting and resisting, you restore both your peace of mind and your effectiveness. You see your situation clearly and can see what needs to be done.

You also look in a direction where solutions and opportunity show up. When you fight your circumstances, you do the opposite. Instead of looking for solutions, the focus is on resisting. You destroy your ability to see clearly and you act in a way that makes your situation worse.

 The ability to flow with life

The ability to flow with life is one of the keys to living in the light. Look at the areas of your life that work great. These are areas where you can flow with whatever happens. Now look at the areas of your life that don’t work. These area areas where you can’t flow.

So why can’t we flow with the truth of the way things are? We fight the truth because the truth hurts. It strikes a nerve. This is why different people get upset at different things. Each person has a different set of nerves that get triggered.

Ultimately, these nerves are the suppressed childhood hurt of feeling worthless, not good enough, not worth loving, failure, or some other form of feeling not okay. It’s never the truth, it’s just a suppressed emotion, but it’s an emotion that we will do almost anything to avoid feeling.

The automatic avoidance of this hurt creates a state of fear, upset, and tunnel vision. It destroys our ability to see what needs to be done and forces destructive behavior. Every relationship and every area of life that isn’t working can be traced to this hurt.

Fortunately, this is a hurt that can be healed. The moment this happens, you restore your ability to see clearly. Solutions appear and the problem area starts clearing up.

The opportunity

It is possible to be in the light most of the time and you can create a great life, but this won’t happen by itself. There are concepts to learn, issues to heal, and action to take. I can walk you through the steps. The result is more love, more effectiveness, and a much more enjoyable life.

If this is something you are interested in, there are several things you can do. I can work with you individually or you can get our Mastery of Life Course. If you want to learn more, set up a free 30-minute consulting session. We can talk about your life and create a plan of action. I look forward to hearing from you.

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