Connect with the power of the universe

There are two realms of life. You can live in the light or the darkness. When you are in the light, the circumstances of life have no power. You are full of love and life works incredibly. When you are in the darkness, the circumstances of life have total power. You lose who you are and life becomes a struggle.

When you are in the darkness, the experience of love is irrelevant. Nothing matters except our circumstances. The focus is on making life be a certain way. We fight, resist, hang on and withdraw. This is the realm of fear, upset and suffering.

When you are in the light, the circumstances are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is love. When you are in this state, life is about letting go, healing and connecting with God. This is the realm of love, joy, peace, happiness and miracles.

There are two totally opposite realms. You can also say that there are two totally opposite directions. You can either have your life be about moving towards the circumstances or you can have it be about moving towards the light.

Take a moment and imagine a beautiful light and in this light, everything works. You can call this light God. You can call it source or you can call it love. I call it God. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but something is there. It is very special and the closer you get to it, the more wonderful your life becomes.

The more you move away from this light, the more you enter the darkness. You become less able to flow with life and life becomes painful. Obviously, the opportunity of life is to move towards the light.

The path to the light is not difficult but you have to seek it. The key to accomplishing this is to let go of your attachment to the circumstances. Trust. Learn to live in the experience of love and seek a connection with God. As you do this, you change the quality of your life and what happens around you.

One way to stay in the light and connect with God is to find things you can do that pull you out of the realm of circumstances and put you back in the light. Then do them often. Some people get back in the light by listening to certain music, doing yoga, or being in nature. Others get restored by meditating, reading, or participating in religious services. I go for long walks. This restores my inner peace and my ability to see life clearly. I also get insights and direction.

Another way to reconnect is to mediate. This is valuable because it stills the mind. When your mind is still, you become more able to hear the voice from within. When your mind is racing, the voice is silent.

One way to meditate is to get in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Then create the feelings of love and joy. With each breath, breathe in more joy and allow these feelings to gently radiate throughout your body. While you are experiencing this love, imagine being in the presence of God. Bask in the love and the peace.

Do this five minutes a day and watch how it changes your life. After a while, you can get to a place where you feel so connected with God that you can ask questions and actually get answers. Sometimes the answers come quickly, sometimes they don’t. The most important thing is to still the mind and reconnect.

The most important factor in connecting with God is your desire. The more you want the connection and the more you seek it, the more it gets revealed to you. Your journey towards the light will have ups and downs, but every step along the way, your life will get better and better.

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