The cat doesn’t bark – How fighting the truth sabotages our lives

My wife and I have a cat and that cat won’t bark. I can yell at the cat and plead with the cat, but no matter what I do, the cat still won’t bark. That’s the truth. If I am at peace with this truth, I will see my situation clearly and can see what needs to be done. If I want to hear barking, I can get a dog.

If I am fighting the truth, the opposite happens. All my focus will be on the cat. I will be convinced that the cat is the problem, but the cat is not the problem. The cat is just the cat. The problem is my fighting the truth.

When I fight the truth, I make my situation worse. Instead of focusing on solutions, my focus is on resisting. This creates a state of fear and upset. It destroys my ability to see clearly and forces destructive behavior. I won’t see the possibility of getting a dog and I will create a nightmare in my relationship with the cat.

When you are at peace with the truth, you become very effective. You may not like the truth, but you see clearly and can see what needs to be done. You also look in a direction where solutions and opportunity show up.

Look at the areas of your life that work great. These are areas where you can flow with whatever happens. Things happen that you don’t like, but you handle them. Now look at the areas of your life that don’t work. These are areas life where you can’t flow.

If there is a relationship or any other area of life that isn’t working, there is a cat that isn’t barking and we are fighting it. Instead of focusing on solutions, the focus is on resisting. Instead of resolving the problem, we make it worse. Look at your life and notice that this is true.

So why do we fight the truth? We fight the truth because the truth hurts. It strikes a nerve. This is why different people get upset at different things. This is also why each person as a different area of life that doesn’t work. Each person has a different set of nerves that get triggered.

Ultimately, these nerves are the childhood hurt of feeling worthless, not worth loving, not good enough, a failure, or some other form of feeling not okay. It’s never the truth that we are this way, it’s just a suppressed emotion, but it’s an emotion that we will do almost anything to avoid. It is also a hurt that can be healed. Learn more

It is possible to create a life that is more wonderful than you can imagine, but this won’t happen by itself. There are concepts to learn, issues to heal, and action to take. I can walk you through the steps.

I can work with you to resolve a specific problem or I can work with you on an ongoing basis to transform your life. Learn more. You can also attend our weekend workshop, Return To The Heart, take our Mastery of Life Video Course, and read my book, Get Your Power Back. I look forward to hearing from you.

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