How emotion creates our lives

I recently woke up in the middle of the night with some very negative thoughts. Then I noticed the negative emotion that I was experiencing. As I relaxed into this emotion, it lost power. My inner peace came back and the negative thinking stopped. As I reflected on what happened, I noticed something interesting.

I noticed the connection between our emotion and our thoughts. The type of thoughts we have are literally determined by our emotion. If you are full of joy, you are going to have positive thoughts. If you are upset, you are going to have negative thoughts

Ultimately, our thoughts are nothing more than thoughts, but we relate to them as though they are the truth of the universe. As we accept our thoughts, they turn into beliefs. These beliefs become our reality and shape our actions. Life then responds accordingly which causes our thoughts to come true. We create our lives by our thoughts, our speaking, and our reality.

The next time you are a negative state, take the focus off of your circumstances and notice the emotion. Notice that you are having certain body sensations. Then notice that these sensations are totally separate from what is happening in your life. The circumstances of your life are outside of you. The emotion is inside.

Then relax into the emotion and feel it willingly like a child. Feel it deliberately and purposefully. Let it come and let it go. As you do this, the emotion loses power and gets replaced with inner peace. This changes the quality of your life. It also changes your thinking, your actions, and what happens around you. Practice this and watch what happens.

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