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At any moment, you are either on top of life or life is on top of you. When you are on top of life, you have power. You see clearly and can chart your course. You are creative and effective. You can make things happen and have your dreams come true. When life is on top of you, the opposite happens. You are powerless. You lose both your confidence and your energy.

When you are in this state, it is very difficult to make anything happen. You are negative and ineffective. Any area of your life that isn’t working is an area where you have lost your power. That’s why it’s not working. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to get your power back. To learn how, let’s look at the Law of Cause and Effect.


The Law of Cause and Effect

You are always 100% at the effect of the world around you. No matter what happens, you will react accordingly. You are hopelessly at the effect. At the same time, the world around you is totally, 100% at the effect of you. No matter what you do or don’t do, the world around you will react to you. This makes you the cause.

You are totally at the effect of everything around you. You are also the cause. You are both “cause” and “effect” at the same time. You react to the world around you and the world reacts to you. Although you are both “cause” and “effect,” you only experience yourself as being one or the other.

When you are “at cause,” you are on top of life and can make things happen. When you are “at the effect,” life is on top of you and you can’t make anything happen. Any time you are upset or are in the presence of an area of your life that isn’t working, you are “at the effect.” Notice how painful this is.


Living “at cause”

Now find a time when you were “at the effect” of something and for some reason, you decided that you had had enough. You reached your limit and decided to take action. You then grabbed your situation by the horns and started handling it.

Notice how you felt the moment this happened. Instantly you got your power back. Instead of the circumstances being on top of you, you were on top of your circumstances. You felt good about yourself and good about life. You became confident and full of energy. You also became very effective. You either resolved your situation, or at the very minimum, you got power over it.

Without knowing, you shifted from being “at the effect” to being “at cause,” and you did it with nothing more than a thought. The moment you made this shift, you got your power back.


Get your power back

Living at cause is the natural state, but there is something we do that puts us “at the effect.” We fight the truth. Any time you are at the effect, there is a circumstance that you are fighting. For example: you don’t have enough money to pay the bills or your relationship is ending.

This area of your life is the way that it is whether you like it or not. When you fight the truth of the way your situation is, you give it power. You make yourself a victim and put yourself at the effect.

To get your power back, stop the resisting. Surrender to the truth of the way your situation is. Then look to see what needs to be done based on facts instead of emotion. The moment you do this and start taking action, you get your power back. You shift from being at the effect to being at cause. Solutions show up and this area of life starts clearing up.

Look at any area of your life that isn’t working and notice the direction of your focus. Instead of looking for what needs to be done based on the truth of the way your situation is, your focus is on fighting the truth. Instead of resolving the problem, you give it power.

So why do we fight the truth? We fight the truth because the truth hurts. It strikes a nerve. Every relationship and every area of life that isn’t working can be traced directly to this hurt. Fortunately, this hurt is a suppressed emotion that can be healed. As you heal this hurt, you become more able to flow with life. You become more effective and life becomes a lot more enjoyable.


The opportunity

It is possible to be happy, alive, and free most of the time. Relationships can heal, problem areas can clear up, and you can create a great life, but this won’t happen by itself. There are concepts to learn, issues to heal, and action to take. Fortunately, the process of transforming your life is relatively easy, but you have to know how. I can walk you through the steps.


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