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How we create conflict instead of solutions

We all see life in a different way. Our view of life is created by the decisions we have made and the experiences we have had. We then act consistent with the way we “know” life is and life responds accordingly.

For example, if you “know” that relationships don’t work, you will keep your walls up. You will act destructively and your relationships won’t work. Ultimately, our points of view shape our lives and determine what happens around us.

The inner issues that destroy love and sabotage our lives

Every one of us has a childhood hurt that destroys love and sabotages our lives. Fortunately, this hurt can be found and removed. Here is how this hurt gets created:

When we were young children, we were pure love. We were happy, alive, and free, but we were born into a world that suppresses this state. As a result, we got hurt and we got hurt a lot. We experienced rejection, invalidation, and painful losses of love. As little children, the only way we could explain these painful losses of love was to blame ourselves. “Clearly I’m the problem.”

Releasing emotion – A fast way to restore inner peace

When we get upset, all the focus is on our circumstances. Something happened and we don’t like it. Unfortunately, we are so focused on what happened outside of us, we don’t notice what is happening inside of us. We can’t see that we are full of negative emotion.

This emotion takes over. It destroys our ability to see clearly and forces destructive behavior. Instead of making decisions and taking action based on facts, our actions are determined by emotion. This destroys our inner peace, our effectiveness, and our happiness. Fortunately, it is possible to release this emotion.

The key to being effective in difficult times

The COVID-19 virus is growing and the economy is collapsing. Many of us are losing our jobs and the world is turning upside down. We have to make important decisions and we need to take action. Unfortunately, we don’t know what to do. In this state of uncertainty, we become full of fear and upset.

This inner turmoil makes us very ineffective. It destroys our ability to see clearly and keeps us from seeing what needs to be done. We feel threatened and get tunnel vision. We become negative and tend to act destructively. Sometimes we freeze and can’t do anything. A prolonged state of upset weakens our immune system and produces tremendous suffering.

The cat doesn’t bark – How fighting the truth sabotages our lives

My wife and I have a cat and that cat won’t bark. I can yell at the cat and plead with the cat, but no matter what I do, the cat still won’t bark. That’s the truth. If I am at peace with this truth, I will see my situation clearly and can see what needs to be done. If I want to hear barking, I can get a dog.

If I am fighting the truth, the opposite happens. All my focus will be on the cat. I will be convinced that the cat is the problem, but the cat is not the problem. The cat is just the cat. The problem is my fighting the truth.