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The biggest killer of relationships

Love is never enough

Love is never enough to have a relationship work. The divorce courts are full of people who love each other. The key to having a relationship be great is actually very simple. Make sure the other person feels loved.

You do this by giving the gift of acceptance and appreciation. Notice how you feel when someone genuinely accepts and appreciates you. Doesn’t this feel good? Of course it does. You feel better about yourself and better about life. You also feel better about the other person.

The same thing happens when you accept and appreciate someone else. That person feels empowered and gives it back to you. By giving acceptance and appreciation, you create the experience of love.

A beautiful reminder

This is a beautiful reminder that we are all the same no matter what country we are from.

How to Resolve Disputes Fast

Disputes are normal. It’s how we attempt to resolve them that makes the difference. Watch the video and learn how to resolve disputes fast.

How to restore your inner peace fast

The nature of upsets

When we get upset, it looks like the upset is caused by what happened, but this is an illusion. Upsets are not caused by what happened, they are caused by fighting what happened. To see this in your life, find a recent upset. Then notice what would happen to the upset if somehow, you were at peace with what happened. The upset would disappear.

The upset would disappear because it is not caused by what happened. It is caused by fighting what happened. The moment you stop fighting what happened, the upset can no longer exist. You restore both your inner peace and your effectiveness.

Imagination creates possibility. Possibility creates direction. Direction makes things happen.

When you discover the possibility of something, you can see what needs to be done. You can then take effective action and can make your life a little better. When you don’t see possibility, you can’t take action and your life stays the same.

Possibility is always there. We just need to look for it. So imagine. What is possible for your life? How do you want your life to be? Invest a few minutes and do some daydreaming. Keep looking and looking. Get clear on what you want. Then go for it.